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HOTmilk Damen Schwangerschafts-BH Forever Yours Bra

Stunning nude nursing bra, perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Flex-wired moulded cups for a smooth comfortable finish. Convenient clips and slide sling for breastfeeding. Completed with a satin bow centre front.

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Farben: Beige (Nude)
Größen: 70BB, 70DD, 70FF, 80AA, 80CC, 80EE, 70DDDD, 75BB, 75DD, 75FF, 85AA, 85CC, 85EE, 70AA, 70CC, 70EE, 80BB, 80DD, 80FF, 75CC, 75EE, 85BB, 85DD, 85DDDD, 85FF, 80DDDD, 75DDDD
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